Interview: Sean Lee

Your biography in 3 lines.
Sean Lee is a Malaysia-based artist. Most of his design is influenced from unique cultural, history, current issue and the experience around us. His way of presenting his art is a mixture of oriental and modern design

What is art? 
For me, Art is an inspiration for an artist. Good artist doesnt only need  good inspiration but also technique to translate the idea.

When and how did you begin to see yourself as an artist?
Last year, 2010 after I joined  KL Design Week...its my 1st exhibition.

Where do you draw inspiration from?
Most of my works are based in a story or a movie i've seen before and also few things that happened to me.  Malaysia is a multicultural country so most my illustration shows cultural influences but in a modern style.

Are there any particular artists that influence your work?
A lot of artist influenced my style,  Artgerm from Singapore and Recycledwax from Canada to name a few. Seeing their works motivates me to create wonderful designs and bring myself in the next level just like them.

When did you realise that you wanted to be an artist?  Was it always your dream or did you have other plans in mind?
I learned how to use watercolor when I was a kid. Since that time, I knew that i can make it in the art scene so keep telling myself not to waste my talent.

Your mind is your work tool. How do you take care of it?
Always be happy and be interesting! Interesting idea came from interesting people, boring idea are from boring people... haha...

What is your motivation? What makes you get up in the mornings?
Keep doing good designs!.

You seem to be a well-rounded designer. which are of design do you think is your strength?
Mainly vectors, but i enjoy art a lot,so I'm trying to discover other medium and style.

What is the most important lesson you've learned since you've started designing?How do you apply it to your work now?
How to judge an artwork, and how to improve it if it is bad. Because if you don't know how to identify a good design, your own design will never improve.

How is the creative scene in Penang, Malaysia?
Penang is more focused in fine art and photography, digital art is still blooming here.

What role does technology play in your creative process?
Em.... I am not that sensitive in technology, but I believe that a more powerful computer will help me enjoy doing my designs more. It's because of my designs has a lot of layers,and the file size gets bigger and bigger so i often encounter some problems.

How do you avoid repeating yourself? How do you stay fresh?
Keep looking on others designers works. Especially if i saw a design that impressed me, I'll try to create something like it but in my own style.

Which of your jobs or tasks do you most enjoy?
Drawing, I like to work on illustrations.

Do you have any specific goals as an artist?
Yup, I want to reach more people and show them more of my art. So I created a brand called Shabowl Brothers to produce my artwork in forms of t-shirts  and others stuff  and sell it in the market. I wanted  Shabowl brothers to become famous like Tokidoki.

What is the most important piece of advice you could give to a young art student or aspiring artist
Keep drawing, don't waste your talent!

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