Christine Mathieu

Works by Christine Mathieu ,a French artist, Photographer , born in the Haute Savoie region


Martojaks Wayleon

 Few illustrations by Martojaks Wayleon, a digital and concept artist from Malaysia check out more of his works in his website www.martojaks.com


Project Freeflow : Martojaks Wayleon & Anjo Bolarda

Project Freeflow is an Art Duo founded by Martojaks (Malaysia) and Anjo Bolarda (Philippines).
Project Freeflow is more likey a showcase of their imagination and expertise combined. From the word it self Freeflow. Their goal is to promote creativity with no boundaries, limitless imagination and art experimentation through their works. Touring countries and different places to gather and explore inspiration.. They also collaborate with individuals of various mediums of artistic expression. Along side their project is Designers of Asia, a community which aims to promote Asian Art by reaching out to artist on different parts of Asia.

16.5 x 11.7 in
Ink and Paper, Digital


16.5 x 11.7 in
Ink and Paper, Digital

16.5 x 11.7 in
Ink and Paper, Digital

16.5 x 11.7 in
Ink and Paper, Digital



Bloom 2012


Holometabolous by Anjo Bolarda



25"x20" Ink on Torchon Paperillustration for The SWAB Art Fair in Spain

"There came a time when the risk to remain tight in the bud was more painful than the risk it took to blossom" - Anais Nim

see more here


Winning CE x SINGHA Designs

      An Official Press Release for CE Contest II will happen next Tuesday January 31st, 2012 at the Siam Center (well its one of the most famous fashion mall in Bangkok, Thailand). This will be the first step for the main project event which will be running along until the Final Battle  which is on March or April. 

      The official key visual is the theme "CE Want You", and due to public demand the deadline of submission is moved to Feb 20, 2012. Designers have to submit their proposals and designs to mafiafactory@hotmail.com only. 
     And also a reminder, Feel free to download CE Contest II files HERE (via TOYYREVIL MediaFire-folder) - for use to submit your CE designs.

        SINGHA ARSA Project : now they release all 7 final designs which will produce to be the real product for sell at the SINGHA Life shop with limited edition 500 set per each design. All income from the project will donate for charity under SINGHA ARSA project . SINGHA ARSA always has various charity activities such as flooding relief in Thailand several months agoSINGHA ARSA is a Networking Charity Project founded by SINGHA Corporation in Thailand.

1. GHOULKNIGHT by Pritricio Oliver : Argentina (as an invitation designer)
2. Super KAB by Satoshi Yoshioka : Japan
3. Space Ghost Toshiro by Juanito Maiquez : Philippines
4. EYE by ROUGERUNE : France
5. Bananas by Tim Munz : Germany
6. Got Gum? by Reddprime-Mitchell Horn : South Africa
7. Jira Jiramakorn : Thailand

Congratulations for all 7 Designers, we will have a Grand Release Fashion Show for this set 



CE Toy Design Contest is on! An international competition and exhibition from Thailand.100 toy designs by 100 designers will be chosen, from over 425 submissions from 32 countries worldwide, 10 finalist will be handpicked by the judges to enter the final design battle.  

To get more details just email mafiafactory@hotmail.com

Few submissions in CE Toy Contest 11

Entries from last years CE Toy Competition

learn more about CE Planet in Facebook https://www.facebook.com/CEplanet


IntrinsicNature 11

Intrinsic Nature or IN is an online art group consisting of a select group of minds from around the world.  Every few months the group releases a showcase they call “Experiments”.  Returning from their 10th successful exhibition you will find a few pieces from their 11th experiment in this post.

Make sure to view the rest of the pack on their website http://intrinsicnature.org.


Hats On, Bottoms Off Exhibit, Manila Philippines

Wawi Navarozza

Dina Gadia

Mica Cabildo

Mariano Ching

Dex Fernandez

Hats On, Bottoms Off Opening, at the Blanc Gallery Shaw Blvd. Showcased works by Wawi Navarozza, Mica Cabildo, Dina Gadia, Dexter Fernandez, Allan Balisi, Charles BuenconsejoTatong Recheta Torres, Constantino Zicarelli, Don Dalmacio,Wesley Valenzuela, Sam Kiyoumarsi and Mark Salvatus


Raf Banzuela III

          Raf Banzuela III, is a self taught digital artist/designer. His works touches the surreal, psychedelic and the odd. A mix of photo manipulation, vector and painting, he tries to put as much detail as I can but still being minimal in a sense that the piece isn’t cluttered. 
          For him concept and narrative matters most in artworks as much as in design. Cool graphics + good story = love. :) His works has been featured in various design blogs such as Abduzeedo, PSDtuts and Shadowness. He is also an active contributor of Intrinsic Nature, an online multi-national art group

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