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Hi everyone!

This goes for those who might now know me, I'm Mark Ganzon. I also go by the pseudo name "Cloud88". I'm graphic designer for a trading company in UAE and still is after office hours. I've been at it formally and professionally for 5 years now and I'm not stopping at any point in time.

I'm sending this email to show you what I can do, what keeps me busy, and what my intentions are for this one in particular. To be honest, I just got here in February of this year and haven't adjusted fully with my life here. In a nutshell, I'm not earning that big yet. So I shamelessly plug my design for a cause.

Last August 29, 2009, my grand mother was sent to the hospital due to a heart attack that resulted her the inability to speak normally and a ticket to the Intensive care unit. This is inevitable for an old person but she still has the will to fight this one off and live some more. The thing is, hospital bills are a big problem specially in the ICU (Intensive Care Unit) which everyone knows. So here I am, humbly writing to you not because I seek financial help but votes. Yes, votes.

Votes that will let me win a cash prize of almost USD 2,500 that will grant my grandmother medical treatment that she deserves. A few more years to live and only 5 minutes of your time. Nothing more.

I design. This is my gift. And I'm using it to win my relative a chance to live and to have more birthdays starting with me next year since she's also 8th of August. Same day as mine.

Please, I only ask for five minutes of your time to vote and nothing more. If not given the chance for me to personally return the favor, then I bid you more and bountiful blessings in days to come.

Consider this as a prayer and a vote for my grandma's speedy recovery.

By following the links below (where the instructions on how to vote is) will be one big step for that chance.



Thank you very much in advance and please, feel free to pass this email around. The design is up for voting until September 4, 2009. I hope that it's enough time to make things happen.Publish Post

Thank you again everyone and God bless you all!

- Mark
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